Anthony Gaskins

Anthony Gaskins

Anthony GaskinsAnthony GaskinsAnthony Gaskins

He designs, creates & sells hats. He also offers instruction and counseling for cancer patients, women in shelters & others.


The Hat Man's Background & New Mission

Anthony seeks to encourage people facing difficult life circumstances through hat-making.

What's Up with Anthony

Professional Milliner


Anthony is a vendor who designs, creates and sells hats. He has a booth near Logan Circle in Washington, DC



Anthony periodically does workshops for the Smithsonian Folklife Office and various hospitals and shelters.

What's New


Anthony will be at attending the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show at the Mandaley By Convention Center in Las Vegas, Feb 5-7.

Your support is greatly appreciated.


In order to continue his mission, Anthony asks for your support to cover the costs of materials and equipment used to make one of a kind hats.